Please, don't write in german language inside an article written in our aragonese language.--EBRO (discusión) 14:33 15 feb 2015 (UTC)[]

I do it only in the language from the country by the lemma. I think, that's better and therefore allowed or not? Best regards -- Sweepy (discusión) 14:36 15 feb 2015 (UTC)[]
You have written it [1]. And it's no allowed.--EBRO (discusión) 14:41 15 feb 2015 (UTC)[]
Sorry, that was a mistake. But the numbers of inhabitants etc. were correct. Please can you repair this again? Thanks and regards -- Sweepy (discusión) 14:55 15 feb 2015 (UTC)[]
Yes, I'll do later. I recomend you not to create so big amount of redirections, because of so many reasons. One of them is the homonimy and the homophony with articles that are not still created. You'd better to leave that task to native speakers. It's not worth to make so big amount of redirections.--EBRO (discusión) 15:00 15 feb 2015 (UTC)[]
I thought, it's easier to click on and therefore I did it? But when it's not desired I can stop it, that's no problem for me. When you fill find something, now you must write the word to find the comment. Regards -- Sweepy (discusión) 15:12 15 feb 2015 (UTC)[]

I've decided to leave your WP, because you have no value on correcting numbers of very old datas, p.e. Suecia and so on, what I corrected too...I wish you and your WP a good time and all the best to be every time up to date, because you have enough lektors therefore in future...Regards -- Sweepy (discusión) 16:33 15 feb 2015 (UTC)[]

This one is not the wikipedia of the user Ebro this one is the biquipedia in Aragonese. You are welcome to do the changes that you want to introduce in Aragonese language and preferably with references. But you have to understand that we are a small biquipedia and it's very difficult to us verify so many changes realized in a short lapse of time.--Cembo123 (discusión) 19:58 15 feb 2015 (UTC)[]

Please, don't change the text of the articles without knowing the language, even a reordering may affect grammatically other words. Don't change the format either (e.g. the names in the local languages in italics), as it breaks the coherence between articles. I have corrected some ones, but you should revise and revert other similar editions you already did before continue editing. --Juan Pablo (discusión) 16:56 16 feb 2015 (UTC)[]

Thanks, I wrote on your site. Regards -- Sweepy (discusión) 17:20 16 feb 2015 (UTC)[]
Please, don't change neither the language [2] nor the format. You don't know neighter the aragonese language internal variation nor the formats. -- EBRO.
Please look at above: “This one is not the wikipedia of the user Ebro this one is the biquipedia in Aragonese”...-- Sweepy (discusión) 22:36 16 feb 2015 (UTC)[]
This phrase was saying for you, not for the user Ebro. I think that you do not understand anything of what we said to you. I remember you again that we are a small biquipedia and you have to be more strict with your edicions because is in order that they are not an inconvenience for us and them let's have to be checking one one.--Cembo123 (discusión) 22:48 16 feb 2015 (UTC)[]

We have asked you to stop changing the format of the articles and you have continued to do it. I have applied a one-day block to you account to allow other editors to revert your changes. Please stop doing it. You are not helping by doing that. Otherwise we will have to block your account for a longer time.--Juan Pablo (discusión) 23:32 16 feb 2015 (UTC)[]


hola, porque no es la Wikipedia:Proyecto, como en --SurdusVII (discusión) 16:06 16 feb 2015 (UTC)[]

Hello SurdusVII, please will you be so kind, to translate it in English? Thanks -- Sweepy (discusión) 16:44 16 feb 2015 (UTC)[]

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