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The flag on this article is not official, the right flag is the flag of France. The flag on the article is just a proposition of flag made by an association called "association pour le drapeau de la Réunion". Someone should change this wrong information, but the article is protected... Cobra bubbles 17:16 29 chul 2010 (UTC)

Yes, but we don't mind if the flag is official or not rather than if the flag represents the territory. In this case we considered that there's a local flag used by Reunión people and it is more or less representative. I think that it is clear in the article that Reunión is currently a french department, so I don't know where is the problem, French imperialism?... we don't really care!... We use the same policy in all the other French, British or whatever territories,... that's priority for local simbols... so please stop changing this kind of informations or we'll block more articles. Thanks and regards! --Willtron (?)   18:20 29 chul 2010 (UTC)
You don't mind if the flag is official or not. OK. But does this flag exist? Is it used by anyone? Each country is particular and, in some regions of France, there is no "local symbol". La Reunion was not inhabited before colonialism. usuario:Touriste and usuario:Thierry Caro are not vandals but wanted to remove what is an obvious error as you can see. Why this flag and not another? see fr:Drapeau de La Réunion: this article shows several flags.
Do you have any source for this "neutral" flag ?
(I'm trying some aragones, please forgive me) :
Wikipedia:Neutralidat_d'o_punto_d'envista : "7. Recordaz que garra Wikipedia no ye pensada ta fer propaganda de busaltros, ni de garra empresa, asoziazión, entidat, etz." ; "En el respeutibe d'opinions e puntos d'embista:Cal zitar as fuents de cualsiquier cosa que s'aiga dita, mirando siempre que sían prou solbents." --El Caro 19:59 29 chul 2010 (UTC)

(an)Como han dito atros colegas, a oficialidat no ye o solo criterio ta os simbolos locals en ista wikipedia. Quantos usuarios que no heban participau nunca en iste prochecto han feito edicions sin discusión previa, borrando u mesmo cambiando a bandera por a bandera de Francia (a qual no ye, en garra caso, a bandera de Reunion). Ista mena de presión ye inacceptable en iste prochecto, y ye considerada vandalismo. Isto ha levau, con buen criterio, ta bells bloqueyos y t'a protección d'a pachina. Prou que se podrá continar discutindo l'adequación d'os contenius de l'articlo (incluyendo-ie a bandera) por a comunidat, y l'articlo se podrá cambiar como resultau d'ista discusión, pero nunca como resultau d'una campanya externa d'edicions.

(en)As it has been said by other colleagues, officiality is not the only criterion for local symbols in this wikipedia. Several users that had never participated in this project have made editions without previous discussion, deleting or even changing the flag by the flag of France (which in any case, is for sure not the flag of Reunion). This kind of pressure cannot be accepted in this project, and is considered as vandalism. This has lead, with good criterion, to some blocks and to the protection of the page. Of course, the adequacy of the contents of the article (including the flag) can continue to be discussed by the community, and the article may be changed as a result of that discussion, but never as a result of an external edition campaign.--Juan Pablo 00:00 30 chul 2010 (UTC)

I've found a source here [1]. It's an article written in French, but the website is Canadian (so, it is not a pov-pusher from France, do you agree?). Even if you can't read french language, have a look at this article: the flag who is in Reunión is not in this source.
The source mentions two flags: the first was proposed (but rejected) to be "bandera d'a Reunión". The other is not really a flag, but a logo used by "o Consello Rechional", the local authority.
The source says that no in this region (and says that there are flags in others regions such as Corcega, so the problem is only in one article, not in all French islands), the only flag is the French one. So, I think there are four options:
  • The French flag (but you seem not to like it)
  • The logo. It's not a flag but, say, a "symbol"
  • The flag  . But it was rejected. Maybe a footnote could mention this fact.
  • Or no flag at all.
I think Manuel can easily confirm what I've said, as he speaks French very well. --El Caro 10:37 30 chul 2010 (UTC)
The current situation here looks to me like an open door for all kinds of POV-pushing! Of course, you don't have to use an official flag. But this is hardly the point, is it? Whichever flag you elect to use, you still have to source that this flag is the most notable and widely accepted local one, in accordance with en:Wikipedia:Citing sources and en:Wikipedia:Verifiability!
If you can't do that, then just forget about the flag. —Azurfrog 13:32 30 chul 2010 (UTC)
(en) The source 1 (canadian website) is showing the article is wrong. I see there is no discussion because of you. The article must be unprotected to correct the mistakes made in this wiki. —Floflo62 08:41 13 nov 2010 (UTC)


The President rechional is not Paul Vergès any more but it is now Didier Robert, from UMP. The page is protected so I can't notice this actual information. —Floflo62 20:28 30 chul 2010 (UTC)

Reunión de reunirEditar

No se si ye muito aragonesa la parola "reunión" derivau de "reunir", pero ye que se debe dicir en aragonés y un vinclo ta reunión (de reunir) plega a "Reunión (departamento)", igual s'ha de renombrar.--EBRO (discusión) 10:26 21 ago 2012 (UTC)

En qualsiquier caso yo deixaría ista como pachina prencipal...y fería una desambigación de Reunión con atros usos --Willtron (?)   11:55 21 ago 2012 (UTC)
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