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Replacing Flag_of_the_British_Indian_Ocean_Territory.svg with Flag_of_the_Commissioner_of_the_British_Indian_Ocean_Territory.svg.
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(Replacing Flag_of_the_British_Indian_Ocean_Territory.svg with Flag_of_the_Commissioner_of_the_British_Indian_Ocean_Territory.svg.)
| imachen= [[Imachen:UK 1 scellino 1955.JPG|240px]]
| desc=Un shilling (1955)
| países = [[Imachen:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg|22px|border]] [[Reino Unito]]<br />[[Imachen:Flag of the Commissioner of the British Indian Ocean Territory.svg|22px|border]] [[Territorio Britanico de l'Ocián Indico|Chagos]]<br>[[Imachen:Personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II (rectangular).svg|22px|border]] [[Dependencia d'a Corona britanica|Dependencias]]
| simbolo = [[£]]
| fracción = 100 [[penique]]s