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:::Please, don't change neither the language [http://an.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Pisa&action=historysubmit&diff=1555719&oldid=1555698] nor the format. You don't know neighter the aragonese language internal variation nor the formats. -- [[Usuario:EBRO|EBRO]].
::::Please look at above: “This one is not the wikipedia of the user Ebro this one is the biquipedia in Aragonese”...-- [[Usuario:Sweepy|Sweepy]] ([[Descusión usuario:Sweepy|discusión]]) 22:36 16 feb 2015 (UTC)
::::This phrase was saying for you, not for the user Ebro. I think that you do not understand anything of what we said to you. I remember you again that we are a small biquipedia and you have to be more strict with your edicions because is in order that they are not an inconvenience for us and them let's have to be checking one one.--[[Usuario:Cembo123|Cembo123]] ([[Descusión usuario:Cembo123|discusión]]) 22:48 16 feb 2015 (UTC)
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