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This one is not the wikipedia of the user Ebro this one is the biquipedia in Aragonese. You are welcome to do the changes that you want to introduce in '''Aragonese language and preferably with references'''. But you have to understand that we are a small biquipedia and it's very difficult to us verify so many changes realized in a short lapse of time.--[[Usuario:Cembo123|Cembo123]] ([[Descusión usuario:Cembo123|discusión]]) 19:58 15 feb 2015 (UTC)
Please, don't change the text of the articles without knowing the language, even a reordering may affect grammatically other words. Don't change the format either (e.g. the names in the local languages in italics), as it breaks the coherence between articles. I have corrected some ones, but you should revise and revert other similar editions you already did before continue editing. --[[Usuario:Juanpabl|Juan Pablo]] ([[Descusión usuario:Juanpabl|discusión]]) 16:56 16 feb 2015 (UTC)
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